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Small/Art Project Grant for Organizations

Contact ECRAC Program Officer Katina Eklund at 320-396-2337 x 2 or by email at  with any grant related questions.  You also may want to check the online ECRAC calendar for upcoming grant workshops.


 This grant program has been revised.  Applicants should read all application materials carefully! 


  • This is an online only application.  
  • We encourage you to attend a grant info session.  Either check out the calendar for in-person dates or go to  for an online version.   

Helpful hint - pay attention to the earliest allowable start dates! The start date is the date your organization starts spending $ on the art grant project NOT the date of your event.


The East Central Regional Arts Council (ECRAC) has grants available for local or regional arts projects sponsored or organized by groups, organizations, nonprofits, and units of government. This category provides support to organizations for a wide variety of arts projects involving the creation, sponsorship, publication, performance, and/or exhibition of art. Arts producing activities or services for artists or arts organizations should result from the project. There is no limit on the number of grants that can be received each fiscal year but applicants are limited to submitting one application per grant deadline per grant program.

ECRAC funds requests from $500 to $5,000  (with an equal match provided by the applicant) in this category. Schools are also eligible for this project funding. There are three application deadlines per year for this program, November 1, Feburuary 1, and April 1.  Examples of eligible projects:

  • Performances by touring artists/companies
  • Exhibitions such as visual art shows
  • Local theatre productions
  • Residencies involving a professional artist
  • Public art projects
  • Workshops, classes, publications, films, and presentations that promote artists or participation in the arts
  • Other projects providing access to the arts for community audiences

To apply you will need the following:

1.  FY 2019 ECRAC Small Art Project Grant Guidelines-Instructions (pdf) - read this before applying to understand the grant funding guidelines and to find the application instructions.  See the download section at the bottom for this pdf.

2.  Additional materials as explained in both the instructions and in the online grant application. These items ensure the eligibility of your organization and help to establish that the project fits the grant guidelines and review criteria.

3. The ECRAC grant application portal.  See below for details.  


How to Apply With the ECRAC Grant Portal

East Central Regional Arts Council has moved to an online granting system!  All applications going forward must be submitted through the ECRAC Grant Portal. Please refer to the tips below to help you navigate the new system.

Links for each grant program application will only become available about 4 weeks prior to each grant deadline.

Getting Started:  On your first visit to the ECRAC Grant Portal, your organization will need to create a new account with a username and password. Please note that if you are applying as an organization, your organization can only have one username and password for the online system. Please be sure to keep this information as you will need it again to access the Portal for grant requirements and for all future requests.

Returning to an Application:  Your application does not need to be completed in one session and can be returned to and edited until you formally submit the application. Please be sure to save your application often while working on it and before you exit the system. To return to your application, you can access the ECRAC Grant Portal through the Manage My Grant page. There you may logon using the email address and password you created the first time you entered.

Uploading Information:  There are fields in the application that will require you to upload information (documents, media, etc.). Please note that your information may not be completely uploaded until you click “Save”. Be sure to save your application often so as not to lose any progress or information.

Submitting an Application:  Once you have completed and reviewed your application, you may submit the application for funding consideration. Once an application has been submitted you will be able to view the application, but not edit or make any changes to it.

                  ECRAC Grant Portal Link 

For more assistance in navigating the ECRAC Grant Portal, please refer to the tutorial below.

                          ECRAC Grant Portal Tutorial – video link 

If you need further assistance navigating the ECRAC Grant Portal or have any other questions, please feel free to contact ECRAC by emailing or by calling (320)396-2337.



Matching Grants of $500 to $5,000


November 1, February 1, and April 1